Second semester with Sketchdrive started

Also, this semester Sketchdrive keeps the pressure up: four courses have started.

Exploratory Sketching 14/15 Q4

This is a skill training course: 41 students had two months to master exploratory sketching techniques. The course was set up in six tutorials, with exercises and homework assignments. Each week students would get a tutorial, a demonstration and an assignment to work on. They uploaded their work in different phases in Sketchdrive. The teacher was able to support their efforts outside contact hours, and students were able to learn from each other. They do so by seeing each other’s work and by looking at feedback given to peers by the teacher.

PVS2.3 14/15

This is a skill training course: product visualisation. 112 students were guided by 4 teachers using Sketchdrive. In eight weeks students were to develop and improve their digital sketching skills based on the design of a toy water gun. Sketchdrive was used from the start by students to upload their results. At first these were photo’s or scans of sketches and marker renderings on paper. Later in the course students also uploaded screenshots of the various steps in producing digital sketches and renderings. Sketchdrive was used in class to review and reflect on the results by projecting them on a screen and discussing and comparing individual results and techniques with the group as a whole. After completion sketchdrive was used by the teachers to review and grade the students work.

Furthermore, two new courses have been established:

BK6ON5 managementgame and Product & Vorm