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We believe design thinking and the comprehension of creative processes will be pivotal in transforming society. The world is changing, and education is required to change with it.

High quality visual feedback on creative efforts is the most important value driver in any creative education, this is what we call the mentor-student visual conversation, and right now it is exclusively taking place in the physical world – limiting the classes’ potential by contact moments and inflexible production and display of physical output.

Sketchdrive aims at taking the visual conversation online.

With the online Sketchdrive platform users can share and visually comment on design sketches, remotely taking classes, working 24/7 with distributed teams on a design project, and, finally, as a design process is not linear: intuitively access and display a complete documentation of the design process.

Sketchdrive is online, and therefore global. It is the platform for creative collaboration. The visual conversation can be between people from different specialities, different industrial branches and different creative cultural backgrounds. It is the lubricant of cross sectorial and cross cultural co-creation. Sketchdrive is the role model for a boundary free creative education and professional community.

Sketchdrive, envision the future together


Sketchdrive balloon 150421

the Sketchdrive research project

Sketchdrive is the platform for creative collaboration that allows users to access and participate in an online project based visual conversation that is productive for them, at a time and place that suits them.

Sketchdrive was first launched in a closed beta community in October 2014. Its development has been made possible through the support of the municipality of Eindhoven. The Sketchdrive company has its seat in Eindhoven and aims at bringing its innovative tool for education to the whole world. The research results will be used to improve education, and to scale up Sketchdrive transforming design education worldwide.