The world is changing, and education is required to change with it. We believe that creative thinking and comprehension of creative processes will be pivotal in transforming society. High quality visual teacher feedback on student efforts is the most important value driver in any creative education, this is what we call the mentor-student visual conversation, and right now it is exclusively taking place in the physical world – limiting the future innovation potential of the region and beyond.

The future of design education in Eindhoven is largely influenced by how we find ways to shift design education from traditional design to design as a process for societal transformation in the coming years. Sketchdrive holds the promise of the mass customization of education. Everyone can participate, at any level. It is intuitive for it is visual.

Sketchdrive is a tool that provides a personal relationship between student and teacher. The feedback is individual and customized to the student’s learning trajectory. The feedback is an immediate intervention in the actual work of the student. Sketchdrive projects are team-based, and the tools can be integrated in co-creative learning environments such as Industrial Design education at TU/e and DAE. All members of a project team can visually post and comment, and see each other’s work. This way, students will teach students.

Visual communication and feedback is an essential value driver of design education. Sketching classes are central in design education, as excellent tools for exploration, expression and communication. We consider the visual (teacher and peer) feedback on sketches ‘visual conversation’ that shapes the design, but also improves the skills for interdisciplinary communication. There is currently no tool available that provides for an intuitive visual conversation and the comprehensive documentation of the creative process online. Innovation is very much needed.

Sketchdrive.org documents the research side of the Sketchdrive. We work in two teams on evaluating experiences of Sketchdrive users (students, teachers and coaches), with the team TU/e leading the research efforts, and the team Sketchdrive supporting data collection embedded into courses and the tool itself. Details about the research project can be found here.


team TU/e

Dr. Mathias Funk is currently Assistant Professor in the Designed Intelligence group in the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. He has a background in Computer Science and a PhD in Electrical Engineering (from Eindhoven University of Technology). His research interests include complex systems design. Remote data collection, systems for musical expression, and design tools such as domain-specific languages and integrated development environments. In the past he has worked in research positions at The Advanced Telecommunications Laboratory (ATR), Japan, RWTH Aachen and he has been Visiting Researcher at Philips Consumer Lifestyle, The Netherlands.

Dr. M. van Diggelen obtained his PhD at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the domain of educational science. In his research he designed, implemented and evaluated the effects of a formative self-assessment procedure for teachers’ competencies in coaching students’ reflection. After his PhD, he worked as a Postdoc. Van Diggelen published several articles in scientific educational journals and in professional journals. Also, he presented his work at the most important national and international conferences in the Educational Domain. Currently, he is working as an educational developer and researcher at the department of Industrial Design. In this function he researches and publishes about providing feedback in Industrial Design education.

Mehrnoosh Vahdat is currently a PhD student in Interactive and Cognitive Environments (ICE) as an Erasmus Mundus double-degree programme at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands and at University of Genoa, Italy. She carries out research in several projects in the fields of Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining over large amount of data collected from the students of engineering and design. Her background comes from two international master programs in ‘Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments’ and ‘Digital Library Learning’ with a research internship at LIRIS laboratory in INSA Lyon, France on Technology Enhanced Learning. Her major fields of interest are Learning Analytics, Educational Data Mining, Human-Computer Interactions, and Technology Enhanced Learning.


team Sketchdrive

Martijn van de Wiel is a creative team player in industrial design and spacial design for ambitious brands and organizations. He is founder of Sketchform and Popsoda and lecturer and mentor in design sketching and industrial design education. His focus is on development of vision and creation of meaningful products, systems and experiences. Specialties: Concept development, industrial design, spacial design, design sketching, design coaching.

Marten de Jong is an architect. After his studies in Delft and Chicago he worked and taught in Stockholm, Helsinki and Paris before founding his own firm emma architecten in Amsterdam. Emma is specialized in sustainable re-development of monumental real estate in culturally and naturally protected environments. He is invited columnist and guest speaker at various institutes of architecture in the Netherlands and abroad. These activities lead in 2011 to founding of Emma Explore, and independent think tank for spatial identities.


This project was supported by the Eindhoven Municipality under the “Leren in Eindhoven 2030” grant, and by TU/e with matching funding and research support. Furthermore, the following companies were involved in various parts of the Sketchdrive project: UXsuite, Perceptor, Nick Geerts.